TeamSpeak Hosting

We'll provide the hosting, you bring your own license.

  • 32 Slots*
  • FREE Panel
  • FREE Setup
  • AUTOMATED Installation
  • *can be extended with your own purchased license, which is sold seperately.

One Price, For All
$ 5.00 /mo

TeamSpeak 3 Server Hosting

Rent your own Teamspeak 3 server at SimplisticNode to improve your gaming experience. Meet with your friends and communicate while playing in multiplayer. The best part about this? There is no restriction on what games you can play! Just open Teamspeak 3 and start your game. We'll tell you all you need to know about Teamspeak 3 server hosting at Simplistic!

Why use a TeamSpeak 3 server?

Do you wonder why you should still use a Teamspeak 3 voice server, though other platforms for communication exist? In comparison to them, a Teamspeak 3 server is the most uncomplicated way of communicating. Once your own server is set up, it's an easy solution to talk to your friends or teammates during games while simultaneously playing.

Advantages of your own TeamSpeak 3 server

If you trust Teamspeak 3 server hosting at Simplistic, you'll benefit in many ways. Aside from competent server management, there are many technical advantages of using a Teamspeak 3 server. In the end, you can enjoy a fantastic communicational performance thanks to all the advantages, which include: Online within minutes, Highest voice quality, Very low delay, Secure encryption, and Extremely low latency.